-Ito / -Ita

Contemporary art course for children.

-ito/-ita promotes the education of new practices; being current, they are more opaque, still subjective and at times contradictory. They therefore still require experimentation, time, and personalized guidance.

It is a punctual but accessible course, based on recycling, appropriation and change. We work in a line of experimental production, mixing processes and formats.

The idea is to show how we relate to the material and to images without evident ‘content’, to demonstrate the changes that these can have and how the decisions we make about them represent us, emphasizing the material instability and the registration of the constant change that surrounds us.

Each day a guest artist donates material, talks about their work, and shares ideas and techniques. The format of the course seeks to bring children closer to their work in order to open the space for feedback between the students and the artist. In this way we want to promote the idea of turning the discoveries of a piece into public domain and not as something that only belongs to the artist.

The enrollment of some students helps us provide scholarships to other students.


The course took place at Squash73 along with artists Ramiro Chávez, Héctor Madera, Enrique Lanz and Christian Camacho.

At the end of the course, curator Daniel Garza Usabiaga spoke about curation and guided the students to select their own works for the final exhibition.