MAQUETTES - Solo Show at Generator Projects, Scotland

SUN for London MexFest 2013. London MexFest 2013.
Live Scoring by Camila Fuchs

Sun Trailer.

4 FAILED FILMS - Solo Show c113, CalArts, LA.

No chronotope in their translations,
As if their lack of color was their limitation
Because of so: they are not the work,
Just prototypes, bones that never made it to the moving-image world.
Each, with independent miniature dramas become the objects of a study, documentation of a frozen process.
And although the exhibition space makes of things neat presentations,
a transparent curtain standing between the human eye and the altered tumbleweed branch calls to our attention the lack of spectacle.
A spectacle we suddenly come to worship, next to the notion of failure, as a privileged experience, a here-and-now that could never be translated as such with an artificial lens.
Only binary vision and the human mind can ignite the play of courageous colors, reds in the foreground, in split conflict with the shyer parts of the visible spectrum, blues at a distance.
It proposes
‘A world is still in process of taking place’
In the meantime, nature is seen as if it where an artifice.
This failure to be films is a sense of double loss.
Tumbleweed dies, comes detached, guarantees its collective existence, travels to spread its seeds - movement powered by wind; we could say it is always alive through its activity.
Life exceeds its small definition.
Again brought to the exhibition space becomes only the image of itself,
a hologram caught in a Ping-Pong game between dimensions.
Something similar is happening to the others too,
Becoming is The Ghost.
None of these are.


DEGREE SHOW - Intermedia Edinburgh College of Art.

ECA Degree Show 2011 Intermedia Online Catalogue.

RSA - New Contemporaries, Scotland.

Chroma, serie no. 2: mini DC motors and colour wire, 2012.

Untitled (Turning Gold Ink). Gold ink pot and rotating motor, 2012.


IF THERE WOULD BE A FACE - Embassy Gallery, Scotland.

Embasssy Gallery, If There Would Be A Face. Edinburgh, 2011.
Works by Laurie Macpherson, Manuela De Laborde and Ross Little.